Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Highlight of October

The thing about my job in this schedule, 4 week working non-stop, 2 weeks offdays; are in certain month, there is no fun at all and this situation fall on the month of October.

For the whole month of October I was either busy working in office or went to isolated location where work is 12 hour, the next 12 hours are rest/standby time and the worst part is, I work and stay/sleep to workplace - there is no place to go, just getting attached to work 24/7 for the month -- and no cellular communication! Except some slow WiFi internet connection.

Therefore there are nothing much personal thing worth highlighting for the October except for the last day of October, I managed to get back to hometown on 30th (else I gotta work till 31st) and help my friend for her Clay class workshop in conjuction of Aeon ST18 Halloween event for kids! That's the whole October for me and boyyy it is so much fun and emotion.

That really remind me of the day of working as promoter as my part time job during studies. The job scope is exactly the same -- introducing the product and service, approaching customers, making sales and setting up booth. That really bring back to sweet old memory.

The pink shirt girl that looking at me while Im taking photo called Shamise, a niece of my friend. She is especially adorable and friendly! As most of the kids think I am hard to approach, she found I'm otherwise! This picture show all the kids are really paying attention in making what being guided, this is really important for kids to practice as young age some kids have short span of attention. Classes like this is able to improve the focus and polish on attention to details.

That's my super talented friend in action of teaching. She is the major adorable factor in the class! :)

Kids with their finished products photography session. Each clay making session is only 30 minutes due to sticking to Halloween's event schedule but it is impressive that what those kids are capable to create in that short time as a first timer to the class.

At the end of the session where all parents are presence at the scene for the Halloween event, some parent also interested in learning the class!
In those photo are not in the best shots as I need to take care of the booth and could not walk far from the booth to take pictures. But those are the main highlight of event which I would like to record in October. Its great fun! Looking forward for more event and workshop in future!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Highlights of September

September was a month of unfortunate for planning, at least for work related. Every plans that drafted for work are not worked out as it goes. Not only I have to overstay 3 extra days for work but also was late to submit monthly report due to laptop security problem and etc. Nevertheless, it was a great busy and productive month with alot of last minutes work hehe :)

Started out as spending time working on isolated location for half a month, the remaining two weeks was dedicated for family, friends and myself!

Let's the picture speak! -caption will be updated soon! Already updated!

Not exactly an September picture, but close enough, taken on 27th Aug. A view of platform taken from accomodation vessel.

Crew in tool container. Love the lightning.

How personnel are getting transfer from vessel to platform - not for fainted heart

And then I had my days off!!!

Location: Sitiawan. Attending my colleague/housemate wedding. Special guess: Napoleon Fernandez Henry. Haha, specially flew from Kuching to attend wedding.

First time attending Indian wedding. Very interesting! The temple is cool!

Sitiawan must-have-food. Seafood! Apparently it was overcharged us. There are plenty of restaurant option here but all were scattered around and hard to find even by GPS coordinate.

On the same day back from Sitiawan, had a look around my friend's event. Its a badminton competition that last for 2 days! Quite an event, superbly crowded. These are the decoration made by her and her family for photo contest purpose. Arent those amazing? Feel like stealing one and put in my room hahaha.

Its a kids-magnet!

Almost approaching final

Family trip to Penang! Penang is a common location for a family trip. Not sure why we are attracted to Penang.

Wefie before journey! Dad as usual are camera-shy or maybe even camera-hate.

First visit at the Temple which is famous for students during pre-examination. Prayed for my nieces.

Forgot the name foodcourt. Behind the Tune Hotel. The food aren't as nice as two years ago. Otherwise it was a great location due to the massive parking space and huge seating area. Judge a coffee not by its cup though, the cup is great in this case but the coffee is so-so.

Get to visit Logo's Hope. A charity funded ship that drop by Penang harbor for a month.

What can be seen inside? Basically it is a ship with bookstore/gallery that is visitor-friendly. Superb friendly volunteer staffs from all around the world.

The huge bookstore. Most of the book aren't updated as you may find in major bookstore (at least IMO) but there are plenty of good old quality books. I bought one with the title "Practical Woodworking"

At the end of the tour, there's a cafe and kids playground.

This place is dreadful to reach. Mainly because of the peak hour traffic jam on holiday-eve and road closure. We have to take a huge detour to reach this place in Teluk Kumbar. One hour plus were taken for a course of 20km drive. X_X

Huge seating area. It was crowded but still have plenty of seating

By far this is the best seaside restaurant ambience. Better than Khuntai next door at least.

In the next morning. taking breakfast nearby hotel area. The food was nice too although was randomly picked out this place.

Already lunch time! Have some yam rice but Bukit Mertajam's still the best.

Penang Hill! This is the first time of my visit, since my unrecallable memory of a childhood that I have been here before.

Chilling around under shade underneath the hot-clear weather while my other sis getting the ticket.

Potrait of dad. Shot with X-T1 with 56mm f/1.2 (putting geek glasses on). He did smile once at one frames that I bursted but I chose the cool expression.

Inside the trem.

The trem was crowded and slightly slanted and travel very fast and vigorously! Fast and Furious level maybe. I accidentally stepped on a girl's food foot and she was giving me an annoyed expression. Haha. Sorry!

Wefie with camera. This camera able to get action-cam alike wide angle kinda shot. The main reason I still doubting to get an action cam. The weather was clear despite in the haze season, thanks to the rain a night before!

Wefie! See how wide the angle, able to fit whole family + strangers too in the frame!

The otherside of Penang, Teluk Kumbar/Bayan Lepas area.

Its easy to get my parent into a couple shot despite of camera shy.

Last stop before heading back, Air Hitam famous laksa. Superb crowded and not a good place for a huge family to eat in. But I found out the take away service and speed is better than eat in. Perhap next time should just take away and eat in hotel. Parking and traffic congestion beyond boiling level

First thing on mind - when was their last time washing those pot.

BBQ with friends during Hari Raya Qurban!

A rabbit bike. Extremely loud and dangerous machine.

Get a chance to visit a clay workshop!

This Totoro was drawn by me at the first place, specifically wanted it to look happy when seeing a clean cool river grassland. And was put into reality with the guidance of talented workshop owner.

Take a look at her collection of handmade clay! All handmade creation by her! Imagine how long she have invested time in here! Its just mind blowing!

Well, that's all I can share for the month of September. Its only a quarter a year till new year. Never feeling we ever have enought time.

Sorry for the emotionless technical writing. haha I got involved too much with technical writing for a longgggg time therefore it is less emotion recorded :P

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

More pictures! Stars Above Us

Are we all lost stars...? Trying to light up the dark...

Absolutely love the song. Imagine the world that we live in is just speck of dusk for another living beings. At this view, our everyday's problems seem so puny.

Side note: Its actually possible to click on my images for larger view. It will direct you to my flickr site. Ehehe.

ed-DSCF1075 ed-DSCF1074 ed-DSCF1072

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Stars above us.

Let's get the rusty fingers typing...

Have I ever wrote about my experience during childhood of waking up before dawn and cycling in front of the housing area and noticing how wonderful the view at the sky is...? The moment have been always mesmerizing and it often brings me back to the memory of a child whenever I gaze a completely dark nightsky, stars like these.


Talk about this picture. A night before I have noticed a clear nightsky over a dinner outdoor. I checked my watch and it indicating the night as new moon period - perfect condition for star gazing. I have determined to have a photoshoot tomorrow night and this is the picture :) I have been suggested to compose my picture near Sagittarius stars which I tracked it using the super handy Google apps called Google Sky Map. A must have tool!

This is taken at around 10.20 PM in Cherating Beach, Pahang. This place is not a perfect location for capturing nightsky as light pollution is strong from nearby city - Kuantan as appeared in the picture on the opposite side of the beach. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with the result as this is the very first attempt of capturing nightsky picture and this attempt have allowed me to unlock the mystery of 'how dark the sky needed for a clean nightsky' - it needed to be really really dark indeed.

It was a breeze to capture nightsky pictures, the hardest part for me is GOING to the location where the procrastination is the king of the castle. I have bought the Samyang 12mm for this very purpose last year but till now... Another hard part is composition is nearly impossible where first shot is needed to get the idea where the stars are sitting in the outcome picture. Keep the ISO 2500 to 3200, aperture at widest, shutter speed not slower than 30s is generally a good guide as per my gear, adjust if needed. It was fun, it was as satisfying as shooting sunrises but better as there is no need to set alarm and as it was rather predictable if there are presence of jealousy clouds.

As the result. I have determined to put this blog active again. Yeah I know I know this have been the 92758923th time I have said these but please give me a break :p Blogging is not really my thing but I still would like to record a few things that is going on in my life. More picture to come.

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